Check you and your QR code reading skills….

Building Lego like a QR boss.

Well done. Clearly you’ve got some time on your hands. We only really put that in there as a joke. I mean, who uses QR codes… Clearly apart from you that is… early adopting like a boss. OK, so there are good used for them. Estate agent boards, yes. Not in Jersey though, they wouldn’t bother. People ordering parts and things like that, yes. Adding them in place of a URL. Lazy. Soon we won’t even need fingers…Have you seen how small they get? they even have them on tiny parts of things you take out of tiny things. We even see them on websites;

Yo, we put a QR code in your QR code link so you can QR code while you QR code.

Anyway, enough of all that. As you’re smart enough to have gotten here, you should be rewarded. Sadly this isn’t an automated process so you’re going to have to do one more thing; drop us an email to with the subject line ‘I can use my phone like a pro’ and we’ll send you something you’ll like. It maybe some vouchers for coffee, it may be some cup cakes, it may be a selection of nice things we have in the office. And a badge.

It’s worth it for the badge right? that’s what we thought too.