Beauty and WellbeingHighlands College Hair and Beauty Showcase

Highlands College Hair and Beauty Showcase

In April, students on the VTCT L2 and L3 Hairdressing and Beauty courses assembled for their showcase, showing off their looks around the theme ‘Eras in Time’. Students spent the day working and were assessed on preparation, techniques, and artistic vision. The evening saw a catwalk show in the Great Hall, followed by an awards ceremony to recognise the months of dedication and hard work. The awards were judged by level 2 and 3 past students and local beauty professionals with awards for Best Make,  Best Advanced Make Up, Best Junior Stylist, Best Senior Stylist and a Judges Prize for Creativity. Here are the looks!

Winning looks were:

Level 2 – Hairdressing

1st Lillie Grace Harrison

2nd Elaine Perreira 

3rd Nadia Velosa

Level 3 – Hairdressing

1st  Yasmyn Bisson

2nd Olivia Bennets 

Level 2 – Beauty Therapy

1st Ellie Jeanne

2nd Dahly Laffoley

3rd Jessica Brazao

Level 3 – Beauty Therapy

1st Mary Phillips

2nd Grace Flynn

3rd Diana Dos Reis

Judges commented on the overall winner Yasmyn Bisson with her Viking theme: “The creativity and craftsmanship displayed in the winning entry were truly outstanding, leaving a lasting impression reminiscent of a cinematic masterpiece.”

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