Digging Holes And Kites Banned On Oz Beach.

Beachgoers at a popular Australian beauty spot could soon be fined for flying kites, using the wrong umbrellas and digging holes in the sand. Council chiefs in Cottesloe, in the western suburbs of Perth, have been criticised for “petty meddling” because they want to ban a total of 100 activities at the local beach. Some of the more bizarre curbs would make it illegal to have toy cars on the beach or put up an umbrella bigger than three square metres, according to reports. Obstructing steps and pathways, dropping cigarette butts and wasting water by leaving taps running could also be barred. Fines would range from about £60 to £300. Many of the restrictions are being introduced for safety reasons because of the beach’s growing popularity. A council report said the existing rules were “inadequate to deal with certain demands and situations”. The plans have sparked mixed reactions from locals, with some saying the new curbs were too strict and others in favour. One visitor to an Australian news website said: “This is petty government meddling gone mad.” Visitors to Bondi beach, on the outskirts of Sydney, also have to comply with restrictions including bans on ball games, while kite flying is restricted to a festival held once a year.