The Genuine Articles; Alan James

Alan James

Production Manager Jersey Dairy

My role as Production Manager is to process around 300,000 litres of milk received each week from our farmers cooperative and produce a range of high-quality dairy products both for our home and our overseas markets. Milk from our Jersey farms travels no more than eight miles to our processing unit…we are undoubtedly Genuine Jersey in all we do.

The Dairy is very much in a growth phase right now with expanding demand for our products. In addition to our own Jersey Dairy brands, we also help develop and support other Genuine Jersey brands that have Jersey milk as key to their brand values, such as Minioti ice cream and Sleep Well milk.

In 2017 we conducted some in-depth consumer research in our local market and as a result, we are developing new products and packaging formats. It is clear we need to communicate further the health and nutritional benefits of drinking milk and offer a range of drinking formats that will allow consumption out of the home and on the move.

Our trial of offering free school milk has been successful and we hope to extend the project this year.

We continue to wave the flag for the Island overseas and will be introducing our dairy products to a number of new and prestigious retail partners in the Far East and Middle East markets in the coming year.