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Darren Wallser


Daz’s Dough started life as a hobby, baking artisan bread at home for enjoyment. At the request of some friends it developed into attending car boot sales to where we are today, baking from home and supplying various outlets across the island.

As an artisan baker Darren’s passion is for sourdough. Real sourdough is dough, made from flour, water and salt, raised purely or primarily as a natural leaven. The magic ingredients are the wild yeasts, acids and friendly bacteria naturally present in all flour, as well as the air itself.

Sourdough bread offers health benefits that factory produced bread just cannot, due to the fact that the fermentation of sourdough bread is complete prior to the baking of the bread. Also, sourdough makes the best toast ever.

A selection of the breads are available to purchase; white sourdough , mini sourdough baguettes, soda bread, farmhouse, focaccia with various toppings, granary, party breads.

To order call 07797 922809