AppetiteThe Foodie 5 : Top Food Partnerships

The Foodie 5 : Top Food Partnerships

Food blogger Laura Dauny of theislandplate recommends a few of her favourite food pairings

Some things in life were made to be eaten together and there is an old saying that where ingredients grow together, they will go together. Even at our youngest we are exposed to some of the most classic food pairings; think peanut butter & jam, apple & custard and fish & chips. But what makes a great food partnership changes wildly between families, seasons and cultures but, more often, our own taste buds. I have still never been convinced by my aunt that a bacon and banana sandwich is a delicacy!

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  1.  Cheese & tomato: All cheeses and tomatoes of any style can be the basis of a good meal at any time of day. An omelette for breakfast, a delicious sandwich at lunch or a rich pasta bake for dinner. With such a variety of cheese available this pairing can deliver a myriad of dishes; the classic Italian mozzarella caprese salad, a creamy brie with punchy tomato chutney or salty feta and the juicy bright cherry tomatoes in a Greek salad. These two ingredients are the food heroes of my kitchen, so versatile and delicious that you can always find them in our house. For something a bit unusual, try this duo of Mediterranean dips; one made of creamy, salty whipped feta and the other of spicy harissa and tomato.
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  1.  Chocolate & banana: This combination of flavours has been responsible for some of the sweetest food memories of my childhood and, particularly, evenings spent around the fire with bananas filled with Nutella and baked in tinfoil. The gooey stickiness never fails to disappoint and you can ‘adult’ it up with a spoonful of your favourite liquer. Beyond that, this pairing is great for pancakes, milkshakes and when baking. These banana & chocolate oat cookies are quick to whip up and always gone in minutes.
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  1.  Mushroom & egg: The earthiness of mushrooms can be in perfect harmony with the creamy, richness of eggs, particularly their yolks and makes a wonderful breakfast pairing. My ultimate dream foodie treat would have to be a delicious creamy plate of scrambled eggs topped with a shaving of fresh truffle. Two of the components of a traditional full English, the base of a delicious frittata or the ingredients for this tasty autumn mushroom and poached egg dish. Try this for your next weekend brunch at home.
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  1.  Lemon & ginger: Fruity, sour and spicy; putting these two ingredients together can bring on perfect sweet or savoury dishes. A grating of fresh ginger and lemon juice are the hard working basis for marinades and Asian dishes, while a pinch of ground ginger and the zest of lemon make a wonderful addition to crumbles and cakes. Feeling a bit off colour? A few slices of ginger, juice of half a lemon and spoonful of honey will get you back up and running. At the other end of the heat scale, this no churn limoncello and ginger ice cream can bring an adult end to any dinner with minimal effort.
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  1.  Lamb & spices: When the days draw longer, there is little that will set my stomach rumbling more than the smell of sizzling spiced lamb on a bbq. The sweet fattiness of lamb is made even more delicious with a sprinkle of cinnamon, the acidity and heat of a chili or fragrant`sed4r5 saffron. Every cut can be enhanced with well used spice, mince can be gussied up into burgers, while a sprinkling of cinnamon on a lamb chop can work wonders. Let your middle eastern urges run wild and you will never be disappointed. These Moorish lamb kofte with harissa yoghurt evoke the taste of summer even in the depths of winter.

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