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Olympic appetite



Thank heavens for the Winter Olympics.  I told myself I’d wait until the morning to write this intro but my insomnia has got the better of me. Judging by Facebook updates alone I know there are many of you out there that find yourselves twiddling your fingers after midnight* and unable to go to bed. 


Thankfully the slopes of Whistler have provided us with a perfect accompaniment to late night working this month. Compelling viewing, whether you’re a Winter Sports fan or not.  I know you can record / Sky+ / YouTube your chosen event, but it feels somewhat indulgent to stay up late and consume it real time. From the half pipe and boardercross through ski jump and ice hockey right down to the curling, it’s all so watchable.


The feats of athleticism remind me of my own predicament, having agreed to partake in a charity ‘get fit’   competition in aid of Women’s Refuge. You may have seen me, along with several others, looking ridiculous on Channel TV recently. I’d say ‘I don’t know why I do it to myself’, but I’m a sucker for a challenge and it’s for a good cause. Sadly there’s no ski jump training. We’re raising money for the Jersey Women’s Refuge. If you feel like helping, there’s a link on the Gallery website. 


To add insult to sporting injury, I’m trying to eat healthily just as we launch the 2010 edition of our Appetite eating guide. The Gallery office has been awash with all things foodie all month as we compile Jersey’s most comprehensive guide to Jersey eating venues. This year sees the guide bigger and better than last year with even more tasty content; look out for it this month. 


It’s more than a coincidence that this month’s Gallery theme is therefore ‘Appetite’. We look at food trends for 2010, get Beaumont Home Centre covered in fashion and cup cakes and have the first in our Appetite series of chef food fight profiles. They say ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’. Well, this isn’t economics and we’re determined to disagree so, to celebrate the Appetite launch and our ‘Appetite’ issue, we’re giving away a meal for two every weekday this month to you, our readers, because we love you. Listen out on Channel 103 or check to win. Take your girlfriend, wife, mum or one of our team. We’re always up for lunch.




* insert double entendre of your choice here.

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