Go nuts for Doughnuts.

Working next to a bakery has both its benefits and disadvantages. Occasionally it looks like Pablo Escobar has been having a party outside our building after a flour delivery which makes our little Minden Street look even more salubreous than when it’s rammed with cars from The Fast and the Furious, but smells of baking bread and readily available and delicious sourdough more than make up for it. We’re spoilt now with The Salvation Army’s bakery to the left and our neighbours, Nouveau Jersey Bakery, to the right on the corner of Minden Street and Bath Street. they’ve been a solid choice for bread for some time and are supplying all sorts of Jersey businesses, including the Co-op with quality baked products. Recently the display in the window has been sweetened with the addition of some good looking doughnuts. Purely in the interest of research for you, our readers, we grabbed a couple on deadline this month and… the reports are good. Add to a pretty decent quality jam donut a tipple of Avocaat doughnut and a new Tiramasu option and we think it’s worth checking out.

Nouveau Bakery. 20 Bath Street.