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From Field to Fork

We’re incredibly lucky here in Jersey to have a plethora of amazing fresh produce available on our doorsteps. More than 100 varieties of fruit, vegetables, salad leaves, herbs and organic crops are produced outdoors in fields protected by polytunnels and in glasshouses around our beautiful island.  The varieties change throughout the year and are planted at different points so that we can enjoy the longest season possible.

Eating food when it’s in season has huge benefits, it’s usually when the produce is not only at its cheapest but its freshest too, which means it’s also when its flavour is at its best. Over recent years seasonality has become a buzzword in the food industry you’ll often hear a chef speak about cooking with the seasons, changing their menus to reflect the produce that is available to them, sourcing local produce and working with local suppliers.

One such chef is Joseph Baker, for whom it isn’t just a buzzword, seasonal produce constantly provides him with inspiration for dishes on his menu at No 10 Restaurant & Bar, Bond Street.  He features in the most recent Visit Jersey ambassador video with local market trader Bill Davies and is a regular visitor to his stall Just William in the central market, where he gathers produce which has been grown by Bill and his daughter Grace on their farm in St Martin.  

Thanks to the clever design of the menus at No 10, and a printer tucked handily away under the counter, dishes can be added or taken away as soon as the availability of produce dictates which makes their menu truly seasonal.

We challenged Joseph to produce a dish using solely produce available to him on island during the month of March. Not an easy feat some would say.  We’re not talking the peak of summer here,  we’re talking about the very first steps into spring a month when the first Jersey Royals are just beginning to be unwrapped and are making it onto our plates.

Joseph explains ‘I wanted something that was, as far as possible, a simple reflection of the bounty available in Jersey at the beginning of spring. Therefore I wanted the dish to capture a spring-like sense of growth, vitality, and optimism!

That’s why everything on the plate was either raw or barely cooked, when vegetables are young and fresh they don’t need to be tampered with. The simple spring salad really did reflect the best things I could curate from my independent local suppliers.

You can see the brightly coloured rainbow chard, purple sprouting calabrese and different kales from Just William forming the basis of the salad.  WIth the amazing courgette flowers from Three Oaks Vineries being the star of the dish. I stuffed these with a lemon scented ricotta made from local milk by the team at Classic Herd.  This was served on a reduction of watercress from Colin Roche’s farm in St Clement and topped with shavings of truffle, which I have to admit isn’t from Jersey but I wanted to add a little touch of decadence.

This dish beautifully reflects the food we do at Number 10, it doesn’t dramatically alter ingredients it just showcases them.’

At No 10 Mediterranean influences combine with highly skilled cookery and fresh ingredients, presented beautifully and set in wonderful surroundings. A visit to No 10 Restaurant & Bar is a must and one we’re sure won’t disappoint, whether you choose to dine, enjoy a drink at the bar (where you can also eat), nip in for a quick lunch or settle in for an evening, there will always be delicious food and a friendly, relaxed welcome from the team.

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