Friday Fish Nights

People will often use the word legendary to describe something that doesn’t always warrant such a bold claim but in this case, the ‘legendary Friday Night Seafood Buffet’, brought to you by the Pomme d’Or, deserves the accolade.

Not one to shy away from the opportunity to sit down at a table in the company of a good friend I jumped at the chance to head along to the Harbour Room on a Friday night to see what the seafood buffet was all about, and we were not disappointed.  My friend and I arrived hungry, as instructed, and were seated on a lovely table in the upstairs dining room with a view towards St Helier Marina. This is obviously a very popular pastime for many on a Friday night as the large restaurant was already filling up with locals and visitors alike, ready to dive into the feast that was laid before us.

Once we were settled in with a lovely crisp, cold glass of white wine, chosen from the excellent wine list, we were offered a starter of soup if we wanted or invited to head straight for the buffet selection of cold starters, which is what we did.

With plates in hand we were greeted by an array of freshly caught Jersey oysters, a choice of zesty accompaniments, a tower of gambas and king prawns, beautifully dressed whole salmon and slithers of salmon sashimi, a massive selection of fish terrines, fresh fillets and local shellfish, including whelks, crab claws and more prawns! But fear not those adverse to marine delights, the buffet isn’t just geared up to cater for fish lovers, although obviously, that’s the main aim, there were a plethora of cold meats, terrines, and salads which would keep even the most carnivorous happy. For £32.50 per person, the choice is absolutely amazing

So whilst you could, of course, gorge yourself on just the starter section of the buffet it doesn’t stop there.  Next up is a series of different hot dishes which change weekly but combine a great mix of traditional and more exotic meat and fish dishes, served alongside a variety of different vegetable side dishes.

To follow the glorious fishy feast, the chefs lay out an extremely tempting cheese board and a very enticing variety of desserts, all of which we managed to try and were delightful.  Finally beaten we were offered coffee and Port to finish our dinner but to be honest neither one of us could not even consider the consumption of a wafer thin mint at this stage as we were full to the gills and very happy about it too.

The all-you-can-eat format for the evening is both remarkably dangerous and absolutely glorious, with fellow diners opting for five, six, even seven portions!  If you’ve never been to experience a fishy Friday night at the Pomme d’Or we recommend you get yourself and your friends or loved one booked in as soon as you can, and go hungry!

Pomme d’Or Hotel, Liberation Square
St Helier
T: 01534 880110

- A word from our sposor -

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