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Phani Kundeti, Head Pastry Chef at Saffrons in Hotel de France, gets our taste buds going talking through some of his favourtie dishes from the Saffrons menu and how he creates them:


Madrasi Style Red Mullet, Tomato Chutney, Bombay ‘Vitelotte’, Potatoes, Tempered Carrots and Asparagus.
This dish is a result of a re-work on one of my favourites, Madrasi classic Meen Chettinad. Appolo fish or a pomfret is cooked in freshly ground spiced tomato and tamarind based sauce.
Here at Saffrons we are using Red Mullet marinated in whole spices oil overnight, cooked sous vide and finished on a hot griddle. The sauce is de-constructed using green zebra, ida gold and black kirm varieties of heritage tomatoes, sauteed with coriander and cumin, the fish chettinad sauce is served separately.


Pistachio and Green Chutney Crusted Lamb Fillet, Cassia Bark scented Salsifies, Baby Artichokes, Aloo Fry, Saffron spiked Chanterelle, Lamb Jus.
This dish has its influences from Indian Lamb Green Curry. Lamb fillet is marinated for 24 hours in ginger and garlic paste and a further 6 hours with a second marinade of spices. The fillet is gently cooked in a water bath, seared on a griddle then rolled in green crust based on pistachios, bread crumbs, mint coriander, green chillies, garlic and ginger. The lamb is served with Chat Masala fried Potatoes, Saffron spiked Chanterelles, baby Artichokes and Salsifies.

Raspberry, Kalamansi and Pistachio – Kalamansi Crémeaux, Raspberry Mousseline, Pistachio Micro Sponge and Kalamansi Ice Cream.
This dish is Saffrons take on the refreshing Kalamansi and raspberries to balance the spices on the palate. Using the latest techniques and imaginative presentation with a delicate balance of textures and subtle flavours like popping Kalamansi Ice Cream, Kalamansi marshmallow knots dipped in chocolate, airy Pistachio micro sponge and crunchy pistachios.



Martyn Harvey Is The Head Chef At Blush

Age: 37

How long have you been at blush? Since march 2011

Have you made any changes? Yes many, the favourites stay on but we try to change our menus to take advantage of all the wonderful seasonal produce jersey & the uk has to offer, got to keep our great loyal customers interested!

What do you want people to think when they see the menu? Enticing, good value, seasonal & balanced.  British cooking with an asian/japanese slant, something for everyone!

How long have you been a chef? Over 20 years, i don’t want to count up.

What are the top moments of your career so far? Opening jerseysushi in 2004 & watching young chefs i have worked with or taught go on to do well in the industry.

Where were you born? I was born in doncaster, south yorkshire.

Where did you study cheffing? I thought i wanted to be a hotel manager & studied at doncaster college after school, it was there i realised i really wanted to be a chef, i have studied every where i have worked since & still feel i am studying now, learning all the time about new ingredients & techniques.

Have you cooked for any celebrities/famous people? Yes a few over the years but i am really bad with names clarissa dickson wright and jennifer paterson, (from two fat ladies) i remember they were very funny. And i also cooked for nigel mansell which was great as i’m a big f1 fan.

What is your failsafe dish you make at home when you have friends coming around? A fresh summery pasta or a robust curry depending on the season, something simple so i can spend more time with friends.

What would you have for your last supper? Anything cooked by sat baines.

If money was no object what wine/alcohol would you drink? Your expecting an extravagant answer here but honestly a few cold beers to share with friends on a hot jersey summers day is my idea of perfection.

What is your personal favourite dish from the blush menu? Miso blackened cod, cucumber, seasonal sea vegetables & wakame dusted jersey royals.

What is the ultimate dessert? My 3 year old daughter has just discovered the joys of eton mess with jersey strawberries & Raspberries, this simple dessert is great for getting the kids involved in the kitchen. I am also in the process of putting a revised version of this on our menu with beetroot meringues, local fruit and clotted cream.

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