AppetiteAppetite News - August

Appetite News – August

Refuel Espresso Bar
Refuel, the new café come Mexican delight on Beresford Street is bursting with Cuban vibes, a menu that packs a punch and a multitude of enticing aromas. The inviting décor, gourmet hotdogs and ‘grown-up’ milkshakes are just a few of the exciting tastes on offer. aug_appetite_news_refuel_LI-RF-13-_0015
The black topped table’s play home to fiery chilli sauces and an American-style mustard, the only venue to serve them on the island, whilst a team of friendly staff and a definite Mexican ‘zing’ complement the freshly (made to order) street food – all served to the sound of great music. Burritos, wraps and tacos are just a few of the popular dishes available. They even serve a Mexican breakfast. If you like spicy food, you’re in for a treat – the Texan Ghost Dog measures 12 on the chilli scale, and if you can guzzle down two of these, you’ll get them on the house!
This is the kind of café you feel comfortable hanging out in and aside from the tasty feasts; it’s also a great place to grab a quick pick-me-up. The ‘shake’ bar serves over 20 flavours of milkshake including Raspberry Ripple, Banoffee Pie and Mint Choc Chip. All combine luxury Movenpick ice cream with Monin syrups, and because they’re made fresh you can tweak them to your liking. The diverse beverages don’t stop there. Other infusions include Iced mango chai, nine different types of Birchall tea and a variety of Cuban-inspired coffees. If you’re struggling to keep your eyes open, a


Red Eye is certain to give you that extra energy boost, consisting of a triple shot of espresso topped with foam.
Refuel have big ideas for the future, and planning to stock over 40 different world chilli sauces is just one of them. Numerous eating challenges and various loyalty cards are also in the pipeline.
All in all, Refuel offers a fun, wallet-friendly and fresh experience, and one like no other in Jersey – the chilli sauces alone make it well worth a visit!

3 Beresford Street, St Helier
01534 873736/

Go Barannes
Have you noticed the small gardens appearing in drink vendors’ cabinets of late. You might have been scared to ask for a handful with your coffee and rightly so. IMG_0033This supergrass is Wheatgrass and is the ‘it’ ingredient in blended health drinks. Next time you feel the need to power up your day with a healthy fresh fruit and vegetable juice made to order, add an extra health kick with a shot of Wheatgrass or Acai. Perfect way of getting your five+ a day! The example below is from Barannes, who are now open in two locations. They’re open Monday – Friday from 8am – 4.30pm and Saturday  9-9.30 on Colomberie & Broad St.

Moo…ve on Overkatyat_moo
Don’t put yourself out to pasture, follow the herd, steer towards Moo ( Mostly Organic Origin) After nine months Moo couldn’t be mooving along any better, it does what it says on the tin, they make ‘grab and go’ food without using highly processed ingredients, no bull! Katy and Austin created Moo to feed an appetite for fresh, quality, unprocessed food to support a healthy lifestyle.
Katy says “The organic and farm shops over here are great, but they don’t supply wholesome ‘on the go’ food, this island has great fresh ingredients but you have to turn it into a meal yourself, which takes time. It was difficult to avoid butter, bread and processed sugar on a lunch break.”  Hoof it out of Moo with some Indo curry, a freshly squeezed raw juice, a moorish salad box or try the udderly delectable Froyo – with fresh blueberries or pomegranates. Its Friesian, and fabulous! Soon you’ll also be able to get your caffeine hit from Moo, fresh organic coffee made with sweet Almond milk. Go on, try it, I dairy you!
We don’t need to give you a grilling about healthy eating, you can’t hide from good food but we need more than grass to thrive. Moo is how many of us would like to eat if we only had the time to make it! Long may Moo live, for heifer and heifer.

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