AppetiteSo much to relish at Relish

So much to relish at Relish

The wonderful delicatessen, Relish, has relocated from Halkett Street to its beautiful new location in the Central Market. Owner, Florian de Poray, took over control of Relish ten years ago, having spent much of his life working and studying around the world, Florian had built up a wealth of knowledge about fine foods and wines; creating Relish was a fantastic opportunity to share all that knowledge and bring the very tastiest of produce to Jersey.

At first Relish specialised in wines and champagnes, however slowly, but surely, Florian built on his knowledge, actively seeking out the very best foods from around Europe, and the shop grew to include the myriad of tasty, tempting treats it has today.  One area that Florian focused on is the delicatessen’s famous cheese department, with well over a hundred artisan European cheeses on sale, each personally chosen and imported. It’s always a delight to pop in and discover a new delicious cheese, as well as seeing the carefully selected produce, which, to the best of their knowledge, isn’t sold anywhere else on the island, offering real choice and an amazing, unusual, fine selection.

Florian and Romano. Photography Danny Evans

We met with Florian to find out more…

What was behind the recent move? 

We were drawn by the fantastic emerging atmosphere in the beautiful covered market. Perhaps unknown to some, the Central Market has changed significantly over the past few years, with new stores and a wider range of goods. There is a fabulous vibe with new, local, small businesses serving the Jersey community;  juice bars, cafes, restaurants, takeaway shops, superb florists, bakeries, greengrocers and butchers and a wide range of unique gift opportunities. We wanted to be part of this renaissance of the market, being aware that a market such as this is the envy of communities far larger than that of Jersey. Indeed, since we have moved in, tourists are constantly mentioning how beautiful and unusual the market is. If you shop in Jersey’s Central Market, you can get all the freshest of ingredients.

‘At lunchtime we provide our famous Filled Ficelle: slim baguettes designed by Relish, made at 11am, to be as fresh as possible, and filled with the finest ingredients. There are also daily Ottolenghi-style salads, our pre-ordered presentation platters of artisan cheeses and charcuterie’

What’s unique about Relish?

We are proud of our attention to detail and product knowledge. Being a small, family firm we can easily adapt our products to suit our clients. We try to be perfect for daily shopping, but also make sure that we have superb gifts for the foodie and wine lover in your life. We’ve become renowned for our gifts which range from internationally-acclaimed chocolates to luxury bespoke hampers that can be delivered anywhere on the island.  

What take away food are you doing at the moment?

At lunchtime we provide our famous Filled Ficelle: slim baguettes designed by Relish, made at 11am, to be as fresh as possible, and filled with the finest ingredients. There are also daily Ottolenghi-style salads, our pre-ordered presentation platters of artisan cheeses and charcuterie, and also the popular pre-ordered cheese fondues.

What are some of your personal favourite products that you sell? 

I really enjoy designing and preparing our Presentation Platters. We are justifiably proud of these selections of the finest artisan European cheese, charcuterie and pâtés, all artistically presented with crackers, chutneys, vegetable and fruit antipasti. We have been making these for over ten years and with so many foods for us to choose from, two are rarely the same.

What delights do you have coming in for Christmas?

We’ve really gone all out again this year. It’s very exciting, we’ll have some of the finest foods in the world; Panettone from Loison in the Veneto, glacéd fruit, marrons and fine preserves from Lilamand Confiseur in St Remy. Balsamics from Giuseppe Giusti in Modena, including their divine chocolates and balsamic panettoni, caviars, 12 differing cuvées from Drappier Champagne, an exceptionally fine wine selection from our selected small French producers, chocolates and treats from Charbonnel et Walker, Rococo and Lauden, Niederegger marzipans from Lübeck. And, of course, superb European artisan cheeses, crackers and chutneys, fine pâtés from Strasbourg, Italian and French treats, Christmas puddings from the Carved Angel, Smoked Salmon from Inverawe. 

And you’re doing hampers too?

We have been preparing the finest bespoke hampers for our discerning customers in Jersey for many years. Perfect for presents, special occasions or corporate gifts, they are designed with the recipient’s personal tastes in mind from the hundreds of luxury food and drink options in the delicatessen.  Hampers for Christmas start at £50 to whatever amount you like.

So make the trip to see Florian, and Manager, Romano Pezzali, in the new treasure trove of a store. Their stunning personalised hampers are not just for Christmas, but can be delivered throughout the year as the perfect present, or they would make an incredible corporate gift!

Call them on  618844 to find out more.

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