Do you want to start the journey to a healthier you? Join our 12-week programme to improve your wellbeing. Enroll on the 12WTAYH programme for an introductory price of £3,000!

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We asked the team at Align:

1. What is the best thing about this programme?

2. One tip to stay healthy is…

3. What is your favourite healthy meal and your favourite cheat meal?

4. Relaxing is…

5. What would you say to people who are thinking of signing up?

Kelly Keating, operations director,

is the team organiser and motivator.

1. It helps you to build good healthy habits and break those bad ones.

2. Be prepared or prepare to fail.

3. Healthy: Salmon, poached eggs, avocado, mushrooms and baby asparagus.

Cheat: Crispy belly of pork roast dinner.

4. Spending time with family.

5. Invest in you because no one else will. Get ready to meet the new you.

Marie-Christine Dix, Chiropractor & dry needling expert,

says prevention is always better than cure.

1. The connectivity of the physical, chemical, emotional care.

2. Take Omega 3, probiotics and Vitamin D daily.

3. Healthy: Mexican style baked eggs, avocado and black beans.

Cheat: Lasagne.

4. Family time, cooking and listening to music.

5. You will feel healthier, more inspired and excited about your life.

Ciara Ahern, sports and remedial massage therapist,

helps people lead pain free lives.

1. The homocysteine blood test allows you a glimpse into your future health.

2. Drink plenty of water.

3. Healthy: Turkey burgers with chipotle mayo and salad.

Cheat: Roast chicken dinner.

4. Walking my pooches and watching films.

5. We look after your health to get you back on track to being the person you thought you couldn’t be anymore!

Nick Dingle, personal fitness trainer,

helps people make the most of their health and fitness potential.

1. Helping people to understand there is a lot you can do to remain healthy and reach your goals.

2. Create good habits in your daily routine that encourage you to be active.

3. Healthy: Smoked salmon and avocado on toast.

Cheat: Bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries.

4. A sunny walk on the beach.

5. Come and discover things you never knew were possible.