AgendaRelative Values: LISA RONAYNE & MARK RONDEL


Lisa Ronayne and Mark Rondel work together within the discretionary investment management business of global investment company abrdn. Compliance Advisory Manager, Lisa, has been with the team almost a year, and is responsible for all regulatory aspects of abrdn’s discretionary investment management business here in Jersey. Whereas relative veteran Mark, a Senior Business Development Manager, has been at abrdn for 8 years, undertaking abrdn’s marketing and developing intermediary relationships in Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Switzerland and developing private client relationships in Jersey. 


Favourite possession  My health
Favourite place Plemont Bay
Favourite colour Pink & black
Favourite animal Guinea pig
Favourite smell Sweetpea flowers
Favourite way to spend a weekend With my family
Favourite food Seafood
Favourite ice cream flavour Vanilla
Favourite restaurant Lazin Lizard
Favourite pastime Walking the dog with my husband
Favourite film The Lovely Bones
Favourite book The Lovely Bones (the book better than the film)
Favourite song Let it be by the Beatles
Favourite person Too many to mention
Favourite celebrity nNone
Favourite things to splurge on Food / wine / friends (preferably all together)
Favourite memory French holidays as kid with my mum, dad and sister


Favourite possession My kindle – wherever I go, this goes with me.
Favourite place At my desk at work (in case my boss looks at this!) but really Queens Valley with my dog.
Favourite colour Has to be red for Liverpool FC
Favourite animal My Cockerpoo – Archie
Favourite smell Fresh sea air
Favourite way to spend a weekend  On the beach with my family and dog
Favourite food  Chicken roast dinner
Favourite ice cream flavour Mint choc chip
Favourite restaurant  Anna’s in Halkett Place – I have only been a couple of times but the food and service was absolutely brilliant and at a reasonable price.
Favourite pastime  Freemasonry
Favourite film Stigmata – a mind provoking film.
Favourite book Magpies by Mark Edwards – a great author who has written some fantastic fictional thrillers – highly recommended
Favourite song Hotel California by the Eagles
Favourite person Not one person, but all my entire family
Favourite celebrity Michael McIntyre
Favourite things to splurge on I’m with Lisa on this – food / wine with friends and family
Favourite memory Holding my daughter for the very first time

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