AgendaRadisson Blu Employee of the Year for 2017

Radisson Blu Employee of the Year for 2017

The lovely Carolina Nobrega, Reservations Coordinator at Radisson Blu, has just won their coveted Employee of the year award. So we met up with the lady of the moment to find out a bit more about her fantastic win.

How long have you worked at Radisson Blu? I’ve been working at the Radisson Blu for almost three years, I started in March 2015

Qualifications: I completed a Hospitality Management course through Trackers in Highlands which I finished in 2015, it was through my work placement that I started at the Radisson.

What do you do day to day? I start my day by quality checking the reservations made on the previous day and reporting on the availability for the upcoming week as well as reporting on any non-arrivals. I input and amend reservations through email and via telephone throughout the day and end by quality checking the bookings for the guests arriving on the next day. I also have auditing reports to complete every month which are updated on a daily basis.

How do you feel about winning the award? I was surprised but very happy to win the award, it was nice to feel appreciated by my colleagues especially since there are so many people who also deserved the award.

What’s life like at the Radisson Blu? Life at the Radisson Blu is different every day! We have such a variety of big personalities (from staff and guests) who work together in order to ensure we provide our guests with the best service and a memorable stay every time. I can safely say we never have a dull day in the office.

Favourite bit about your job? My favourite bit about my job is speaking to customers and making their stay with us from the moment they call to the moment they arrive as special as possible and ensuring they are treated as unique individuals and not as a general guest.

What does the future hold? At the moment I am looking into learning more languages as we receive bookings from clients all over the world, I’m also looking into expanding my career within the company and seeing how far I can go within the Rezidor franchise, which I am very proud to be a part of.

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