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Careers Focus with Ogier

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Making sure people are constantly able to develop and progress is important to us, so we proactively create opportunities when members of our team are ready for them.

Our new Communications Manager Lorna Forrester and Senior IT Technician Aaron Proudfoot have recently progressed to bigger roles – in this piece they talk about how Ogier challenges and supports lawyers and business services team members to be extraordinary.

Aaron Proudfoot
Senior IT Technician

I joined Ogier as an IT analyst in June 2017, I was then promoted to Senior IT analyst a year later and recently promoted to Senior IT Technician.

Before my career at Ogier I was serving in the Royal Artillery. It was quite a change coming back to civilian employment but some of the life skills I learnt in the military have assisted that transition. I was a Lance Bombardier with four gunners under my command, a role not so dissimilar to my current position in terms of supervision of the team.

Leaving the Royal Artillery, I just wanted to be good at my job, to be consistent and to know it inside out. Communication skills are a key part of the Service Desk role, you need to be able to explain things to people and also be a great listener. Once you get these basics down, you can then start to refine your technical skills in troubleshooting IT issues. Attention to detail is a must so it helps if you have a keen eye too!

Lorna Forrester
Communications Manager

I joined Ogier as a Marketing Executive in 2017, progressed to Senior Marketing Executive in 2018 and this year was appointed as Communications Manager. Ogier really stands out for me in how it thinks big and challenges convention – and that applies to career progression here too. If you’re ready to step up, you have the opportunity to do it.

I’ve really enjoyed working with an award-winning brand and I’ve been encouraged each step of the way to explore my interests and play to my strengths. Ogier has also supported me in completing my Chartered Institute of Marketing diploma, which is a clear investment in me and my future.

I’m looking forward to working at a more senior level across Ogier’s global jurisdictions and being part of the further growth and development of my team.

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