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Alex Johnston

 Audit Associate, PwC Channel Islands  

Age 23 

Education The University of Manchester

Course BSc International Management

What did you want to be when you were 8 years old? 

A primary school teacher

Favourite way to relax?  A walk on the beach

Favourite place to eat in Jersey? The Moorings

Favourite possession? Roxy (my dog)

What made you choose to work for PwC? 

When I was in my final year at university, I wasn’t 100% sure on what career path I wanted to take. I knew several people who worked at PwC and recommended it as a place to work. I was also aware of the opportunities PwC had to offer, from an attractive training programme with a highly-respected qualification at the end of it, to exciting and fun sports and social events, I also found the firm’s approach to corporate sustainability and its commitment to diversity, inclusion and flexibility quite refreshing and appealing. All in all, this made the decision to join very easy.

What professional training have you done?

I am currently studying for my ACCA qualification with First Intuition Jersey to become a Qualified Accountant. It’s a three year qualification and is arranged and funded by PwC. So far I have undertaken a series of online exams, and I will start my written exams this summer. PwC provides encouragement and support to make this qualification achievable by facilitating study leave and time off to sit exams. I find having many colleagues who have gone through this process and achieved great exam success a huge benefit as I can ask for advice and compare thoughts.

What do you do on an average day? 

My job day-to-day can vary hugely which is something that I enjoy. The variety of work can also be fast paced, challenging and diverse. Some days I will be working from home reviewing and documenting client deliverables, and on other days I might be based at the client site, solving a particular client problem, alongside my core team. Because of the diverse nature of my role, and the different mix of colleagues and clients I get to work with from project to project, I’m fortunate to get excellent exposure to many industries ranging from private equity to retail banking. In doing so, I gain such invaluable experience. These opportunities to work alongside colleagues of varied experiences and cultures is inspirational for me and I’m grateful for the resulting professional and personal relationships I’ve formed since joining PwC. 

What is your next step?

My focus currently is to complete my training contract over the next 18 months and become an ACCA Qualified Accountant, putting my education to good use and to further my knowledge and experience within Audit. Going forward, I hope to leverage my connections within the PwC network, which employs over 328,00 people across its offices in 152 countries. The idea of spending time overseas gaining professional experience, and immersing myself in a new culture by working at another PwC office really appeals to me, so I’m quite excited about that prospect. PwC Australia would be my first option for an international secondment.

What advice would you give yourself as a graduate considering the experience you have now?

Looking back, I would say a trainee role at a Big 4 company is a steadfast option to progressing further after university. The experience you gain is really second to none. However, there is no need to rush the process. Take everything at your own pace and don’t compare your journey to others.  I would also say networking and meeting new people is a key part to progressing so try to do that from day one, and enjoy every moment of your career!

about PwC in the channel islands

We help clients ranging from multinational organisations to local businesses, charities and governments, offering tax, assurance and advisory services that help to improve the way they work in the short and long-term. From auditing their financial data and planning their taxes, to identifying the risks they face and supporting them with strategic decisions, we work with our clients, creating cutting edge solutions for them.  We work hard to attract locally grown talent in the Channel Islands, offering training contracts to local school leavers, undergraduates and graduates from all degree disciplines each year. We are now accepting applications for our Class of 2023 intake programme. 


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