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Alexforbes Offshore is bringing together a line-up of specialist speakers in two insightful events next week to reflect on some of the complex decisions facing both employers, employees and individual investors against a challenging economic backdrop.

Taking place on Wednesday 19 October at the Pomme D’or, these events will focus on the impact that our money can make.  For employers, this means creating an environment that cares for not only their teams’ financial wellbeing but also their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  While individuals need to reflect on their relationship with money and radically rethink their approach to savings and investment in order to live comfortably into retirement and leave a lasting legacy.

The events will be hosted and moderated by Alexforbes Offshore Managing Director, Adrian Peacock and Timothy Townsend, Alexforbes Offshore, Head of Wealth Management and Corporate who will welcome keynote speakers and panel partners.

Timothy commented, “We are all now facing rampant inflation and a cost-of-living crisis creating even more uncertainty and complexity for us all in a post-pandemic world. These events will help to define actions that leaders and individuals need to take to safeguard their futures.” 

Keynote speakers will be Gyongyi King – Chief Investment Officer at AlexForbes discussing “Evolution or Revolution – The crashing wave of change” and Annabell Mathiesen CEO of Mercer Norway, whose topic will be “Sustainable Investment – Making your money matter.”

The panel discussion will include specialists dedicated to helping us create a new relationship with money.  The line-up includes: Catherine Morgan, a financial wellbeing coach and trainer who will discuss the emotional aspects of money, Anna Terry, CEO of the Jersey Community Foundation to discuss giving while living, Ed Prow, Founder of Uniti Life and Jenny Winspear, COO of Anova who will discuss their innovative ways of better defining and implementing tools for employee wellbeing.

The event for employers and business decision makes starts at 08:30 for breakfast with presentations between 09:00 and 10:30. Register for Revolution or Evolution? – Redefining workplace wellbeing here –

The lunch event for individuals looking to understand the opportunities for their wealth goals, starts at 12 noon for lunch with presentations between 12:30 and 14:00. Register for Revolution or Evolution? – Redefining your relationship with money here –


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