AgendaBusiness profile; Barbara Corbett & Nicholas Le Quesne

Business profile; Barbara Corbett & Nicholas Le Quesne

Corbett Le Quesne is a specialist family law firm, advising on all aspects of family law through happy times and sad times. They can support you at the start of your relationship with cohabitation or pre-nuptial agreements and they will look after you if your relationship comes to an end, helping you through divorce and financial remedies and all matters in relation to children including relocation. The ethos of the firm is to provide you with peace of mind. This is achieved by using both traditional and alternative methods of dispute resolution especially collaborative law, mediation and arbitration.

We met up with Senior Partner, Advocate Barbara Corbett, and Partner Advocate Nicholas Le Quesne to find out more about life at a law firm.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?  

BC: Seeing the transformation of our clients. People going through relationship breakdown come to us when they are sad, are suffering and are anxious about the future. Although the divorce process is rarely pleasant, to be able to see our clients grow in confidence and happiness as matters are resolved is very rewarding.

NLQ: Working collaboratively to achieve a fair settlement for our client which allows them to maintain a good relationship with their ex-spouse and children.   

Did you always dream of this career? 

BC: I started my working life as a journalist studying law at the same time, then after my law degree I brought up my 5 children, returning to study when the youngest were at school. My dream career was always to be family lawyer. It is probably the most important legal work there is!

NLQ: I first worked in a law firm at the age of 14 on Project Trident work experience and was sure from then on that a career in family law was what I wanted to pursue. 

Is there a phrase you live by? 

BC: Don’t worry!

NLQ: There is a solution to the majority of problems!

What part of your industry would you like to change? 

BC: It would be wonderful if Jersey could bring in no-fault divorce and the possibility for couples to make joint applications for divorce when they both agree their marriage is over. I would also improve the support given to families both practical and financial to care for children and when relatives other than parents have to step in.

NLQ: The implementation of no-fault divorce in Jersey would reduce animosity between divorcing spouses as well as reducing legal costs and is therefore much needed.   

Is your job 9-5? 

BC: No! If a client is worried and needs reassurance in the evening or at a weekend they can email or call and I will respond. Often a brief email exchange or quick chat on a Saturday morning can avoid a court application on Monday! And when we do go to court it is often necessary to do the preparation during evenings and weekends to fit everything into the time available.

NLQ: No! A stitch in time saves 9 and I am more than happy to talk to a client at 9am or 9pm on a weekend or any time in between if it means giving a client peace of mind. 

What is it like to work at your firm? 

BC: We are probably biased but I find working at Corbett Le Quesne to be a complete joy. Our offices are modest but they are welcoming and comfortable. The team work really well together, everyone supports one another sharing tasks and maintaining relationships with our clients.

NLQ: It is both a fun and relaxed place to work. Our clients also often comment that the people working within our office and the surroundings make them feel at ease. 

What does the future hold? 

BC: Corbett Le Quesne has only been open for 6 months but we are very pleased with our success so far. We hope to expand the firm, employing more specialist family lawyers over time but don’t have any plans to move away from family law or to outgrow our ability to provide a bespoke, caring and personal service to clients when they most need it. We want to remain a specialist niche firm, offering the very best family law advice and assistance from the very best family lawyers. To give clients peace of mind.

For more information  visit  or call them on  733030.

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