Training to win; One Bite at a Time

Training to win; one bite at a time.
Andy Voss, the previous owner of Park Personnel and AVG Sales & Marketing, the UK Distributor of GoldMine Customer Relationship Management software, has launched a new concept in training and development. ‘Lifeworkskills’ is designed to deliver cost effective training in 90 minute bite-sized chunks for both personal and professional development.
Having looked at the needs of business, Andy identified that whilst technical training is still active within organisations, soft skills training has been adversely affected by budget cuts and leaner staff ratios.  By offering cost effective highly focused courses in time slots of 90 minutes Lifeworkskills addresses these issues enabling businesses to continue develop their staff and business. Everyone needs to learn!
Andy told us; “When growing my previous businesses I have always believed that success comes from developing the individuals to help them be the best they can be.  I am passionate about helping people and organisations achieve the success they deserve. Lifeworkskills allows me to bring together all my previous experience to bear in our wide range of courses to help people do just that”.