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Top Golfing Advice

The new golfing season is just about to begin and by using the 5 tips below you can make sure you get this one off to the best possible start.


1.  Equipment, new and old.  

At this time of year it is a good idea to take a look at all the new golf equipment that?s come out over winter and see if there is something new for you.  Drivers in particular have improved greatly for this coming season.  I recently put a scratch handicap golfer through a driver fitting in the studio and managed to get his average driver carry distance up by 10yds, just by adding 1 degree extra in loft!  Your old equipment will need checking too.  Chances are it?s been sitting in the corner of your garage for the last few months feeling throughly neglected.  Cheer it up by adding some new grips and giving them a clean, and believe me they will reward you for it.


2.  Lessons.  

Even if it is just a quick session with your local professional to check that your fundamentals are still in place – it?s worthwhile making sure that your technique hasn?t got rusty.


3.  Practice.  

With the lighter evenings starting to make a difference, now?s the time to tune your game at the range.  Make sure you practice with a purpose.  Ball-beaters beware, practice makes permanent, not necessarily perfect.  Limit your hitting to 50 balls over 30minutes, to be sure you are working effectively.


4.  Short Game.  

For those of you that have been brave enough to hit balls over the winter now is a good time to sharpen up your short game.  Bear in mind that we are still some weeks off good quality putting surfaces so indoor practice is preferable at this time of year.  Practicing on carpets at home will definately give you better feedback than bumpy practice greens.


5.  Finally, set your goals for ?09.  

Take a look back at last year and try to identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Work out an action plan for improvement and stick to it. 


Good luck and enjoy your golf!

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