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Ben arrived in Jersey in 2003 and established our Gallery magazine title, determined to offer a better quality independent media offering. Holding a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communication and Masters Degree in Marketing, he builds media brands with the emphasis on brand. Ben loves mountains and is fond of penguins (the bird, not the bar).

If you?ve tried jet-skiing around a course and are ready for the next challenge, or if you fancy exploring the gullies and coastline of our beautiful island at hair-raising speed then this is for you.  The moment I had put down the phone from booking my Jet Ski Adventure, I had to pick it back up and re-book for all 5 of my colleagues who had been sitting around listening to me book and couldn?t bear to be left out of something that sounded so fun!

After work we all arrived down at La Haule Slip ready to be wetsuited up for our trip around the coast. We had a jet ski pro and a total novice in our group, so it really is for anyone. We got our safety briefing and instructions, and then it was simply a matter of clambering on and playing with the throttle.

We were soon pounding off around the headland in convoy, admiring the hidden bays and laughing as the speed adrenaline blasted through us. It was brilliant fun to race along the sea, and once we got our confidence up we were all trying to jump each other?s wake and push our speed limits.

It was fascinating to see all the different coastline going in and out of the bays on the way back from Corbiere. We were really lucky because it was a sunny day, and with the water glistening, it really felt good to live on an island.  After all, not many people can end a day at work like this.

The Gallery Team highly recommends giving this a go.
1 1/2hour Jet Ski Adventure to Corbiere
£70 per person, £30 for a passenger (so split it £50 each!) Minimum of 3 people To arrange your Jet Ski Adventure call Jersey Sea Sport Centre on 07797738180 or pop on to