Jersey College for Girls Year 12 Student Tillie Beckwolden Interviews Jersey Bikini Athlete Hannah Foskitt

Describe a typical day in your life when you’re doing a competition?

There are two parts to competition prep, the off season and the actual dieting phase which is the hardest part. A typical day in the life during diet prep is: waking up at five in the morning, at the gym for half five, with two hours on the stair master. Back home to eat my first meal of the day, planned the night before and tracked on My Fitness Pal. Then I would go to work, as I work full time, come home, then go back to the gym in the evening for my weight training, rest and recovery after that, evening meal and then sleep.

Who would you say is the biggest female role model in your life?

In terms of bodybuilding and fitness, Lauralie Chapados. She’s a bikini athlete who has done really well for herself because she has made a living from it. She has just won the title of Ms Bikini International, and she has competed at the Olympia. Her drive, work ethic, and perseverance has been quite inspiring. In terms of every day, I would say my mum. At the minute I’m working full time and doing my personal training qualification, online coaching, and having a social life and training. It’s a lot. But my mum did her teaching degree later in life. She was working full time, studying, had a house, had children. So when I find it’s getting a bit tough, I think of how much mum achieved with even more demands on her time.

How did you get into bodybuilding?

I’ve always enjoyed training and I’ve always enjoyed my fitness, but I thought it was something I wasn’t going to be capable of because it’s so hard. When I eventually decided to take the plunge I reached out to some local coaches, then I just kind of went full steam ahead! I got a local coach then started training at home during lockdown, in my spare room.

What’s your favourite part of bodybuilding or competitions?

Show day, and the show day glam. It’s such a buzz, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. But for me, it’s really the two-week-out mark. That’s when it hit me that all of that slog for the last nine months had been for that moment. You can take your foot off the pedal a little bit.

The hardest part about doing it [bodybuilding]?

The obvious answer is the dieting phase and when your calories are really really low and you’re doing loads of cardio a day; mentally that’s the biggest challenge you face, with fatigue at an all time high! But I would say as well, coming out of competition, and the leanness and stage condition and reversing back to a normal healthy body weight, if you don’t do it with a coach that is very difficult.

Is there a phrase that you live by?

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” I think that regardless of what stage you’re at, whether it’s bodybuilding, or not, nothing comes from being within your comfort zone. Push yourself and challenge yourself. Sometimes that is uncomfortable and even terrifying, but that’s where the most progress usually happens.

What would you say to any young person who wants to get into bodybuilding but is unsure of where to start?

Reach out to people who have competed, especially if you can find people locally. My messages are always open to anybody who has questions. Do your research, find yourself an experienced coach who is supportive and knowledgeable because you will have daily contact with your coach, they will know you inside and out and they are the person that is guiding your whole journey. Be aware of the challenges as a lot of people see bodybuilding as this one day of glam but aren’t necessarily aware of what it takes to get there. Do it for you, do it for the right reasons and don’t get caught up in what other people think about it!


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