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Fighting for Commonwealth Glory

Jersey has seen its fair share of very capable sportsmen and women; within the ring, there’s been some notable fighters and Tom Frame is the latest to earn the accolade of being the island’s best boxer, having got through to The Commonwealth Games 2022; the first time an islander has reached the competition in 24 years.

Reaching goals is hardly ever a linear course and Tom’s story to successfully reaching the Commonwealth Games is no different. Whilst being on the end of a knock out is a rarity for Tom, he’s had his fair share of knocks, delivered by the ultimate pugilist; mother nature.

“It’s been a kind of stop/start career so far, with lots of ups and downs. Beginning with the sad passing of Mr Leonis, Sir Dave Thompson to various injuries, followed by International success to be proud of… then wrong decisions (contested) regarding a county championship, to cancelled flights scuppering my chance to get to a National championship podium. You’re right, nothing is ever linear!”

Tom has been working toward this moment since starting his boxing career. To represent home and bring back the title will be an immense result and we hope that this part of Tom’s journey will prove less bumpy.

“I’ve experienced the highs and lows but I don’t look at any of the stops as a negative. It’s a test of character that has led me to where I am now.”

Working on his physical strength and resilience is heavily complemented by a fastidious attention to his mental wellness. Tom’s openness to visualise success is a major part of training. Seeing the win – eyes on the prize.

Talking about the excitement of upcoming Games, Tom has been loving the training and travelling.

“The most exciting part has been the traveling to go away spar and train along top opposition to improve my craft. All possible from the help of my sponsors, Ashbe Construction, Colin Smith Partnership and Reside Estate Agents. It was amazing to find out I had got through, but I couldn’t tell anyone for the first week until it was formally announced. When I could finally tell friends and family and I saw what it meant to them, that’s when it really sank in.”

Tom’s achievements are testament to his dedication and hard work, and with plenty of years of experience, he says there’s some serious upcoming talent in the island;

“We have so much talent coming through, the structure, intensity and consistency from the coaching team is working really well, bringing in 3 national finalist in Ricky Pryor, Callie Bushell and myself along with Junior champions in Alex Le Put all within the last 5 years. We have Tony Burt, Kevin Baudins, Miguel Ferreira and Ian Dunbar, who are there four times a week along with the help of Gerry Spence and John Day making sure everyone is on course for up and coming events.”

So, who does a brilliant boxer look-up to? Who has the wins that Tom wants? Tom’s heroes include people who show immense commitment and perseverance; matched only by sheer skill and a will to win.

“Over the time I’ve watched boxing we’ve have had arguably the best boxer ever of all time in Floyd Mayweather, he’s inspirational in how he has stayed consistent for so long and finished his career undefeated. Following old school boxing, I liked a guy called Nicollini Loche for his pure craft, variety with his lead hand and ability to stay completely relaxed defensively.”

Speaking directly to any young, budding Jersey boxers, Tom’s advice is to give it your all. He works with a positive mental attitude and ensures he treats his mind as well as his body. It’s about stamina and resilience on the inside as much as the out and Tom’s coaches insist he conditions his mind into real self-belief… That’s where the guard comes up, and the heart stays open to WIN.

Good luck, Tom! We’ll be in your corner.


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