Active / WellnessSportsperson of the Month; Lisa Luce

Sportsperson of the Month; Lisa Luce

Quick-fire Q&A

Birthplace: Jersey
Age: 25
School: Jersey College for Girls
Day job: Assurance Senior Associate at PWC
Favourite food: Food in general?
Favourite quote: “You never know who you’re inspiring”
Worst habit: I have my nails done professionally to stop me from biting them!
Netball position: WD, GD, C

Before she became a very close friend of mine later in life, Lisa was the girl I would look up to in awe as she tore up the courts, aged 10, when we were first introduced to playing netball for Jersey. Her lightning-fast reactions, incredible speed and natural ability for the game made her the one to watch, and 15 years later, not much has changed. Having recently been commended for her talent by being awarded JNA’s Senior Netball Player of the Year, I caught up with Lisa to ask what makes playing netball in Jersey so special for her.

You’ve been playing netball for more than half of your life. What is it that you love about the game?

Netball is extremely dynamic, fast paced and allows you to put on a “performance”. I love being part of a team – you have to give part of yourself to support the other players, whether that means pushing yourself further or providing your team with positive encouragement to ensure the team as a whole performs at its best! It’s also not just the 7 players on the netball court – it’s everyone involved from the coaches, the squad members, the physios, the umpires and the committee members. I wouldn’t be able to play without them!

What did it mean to you to be awarded Senior Netball Player of the Year?

This sounds very corny – but it is the ultimate netball award for me. I’ve been inspired by winners in the past and considered them top of their game, so it seems crazy to me that I won. Although I’ve been playing in the Team Jets squad for 8 years, playing in the Island squad and for Convent Netball Club since I was 11, I’ve had many times when I’ve been on the bench, have had ongoing injuries, and don’t often win ‘player of the match’ as I don’t consider myself a standout player. However, I’ve come to realise that it’s not always about being the ‘best’ player on the court. It’s about what you can do to impact the team performance as a whole.

What is it about Jersey’s netball community that makes it so special?

We have such talented players! The level is amazing here. Having played netball in England while at University, I can truly appreciate how lucky we are in terms of the standard and having such a dedicated Jersey Netball Association (JNA) committee and coaches in all of the clubs.

In the world of netball, who are your idols?

How could I not mention Jersey girl, Serena Gutherie (England mid-court player)?! She’s repeatedly named one of the best netballers in the world, which is phenomenal! She never fails to put on a show and is 110% committed to everything on court – she is a true inspiration. I also look up to Sharni Layton (Australian defender) as she is also often named one of the best netballers in the world. Like me, she is a loud character on the netball court, but she has recently had to take some time out to concentrate on herself. I am someone who always strives to be involved in as much as possible and sometimes I take on too much, which leads to stress/exhaustion. I’ve had to learn it’s not possible to be at my best all the time, and that’s ok!

What are your future goals and aspirations for your netball career?

I’ve accepted that I will not be the next Serena Gutherie, but my netball goal has always been to play to the highest level possible. Playing for Team Jets is incredible, as we are in national Mizuno Premier 3 league (the top 30 teams in England), competing against teams who have players from all over the country and sometimes the world! Our pool of players is much smaller and we frequently have people come and go from University/travelling, so for us to even be able to compete at this level is a huge achievement! I constantly feel privileged to be a Jet and represent Jersey and the JNA on this platform.

What would be your advice for those wanting to get into netball?

I recommend visiting the JNA website to see the full list of how you can get involved. For young girls, there are after school classes and half term courses which are full of fun! You could also get involved in a club for weekly matches and training – details for each club are also on the JNA website. The Dominion Youth League starts in September, so I’d recommend getting in contact with a club as soon as possible!

For adults, the JNA have a wide range of levels – from the Dominion Winter League (which has 3 Divisions), ‘Back to Netball’, the mixed league, to even ‘walking netball’ sessions!

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Please contact Linda Andrews, President of the JNA for details of sponsorship.

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