sportsperson of the month: Liam McGeary

Age: 28

Sport: MMA (mixed martial arts) and I?m studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in which I?m now a blue belt. I?ve also trained in boxing and kick boxing.

Schools attended: East Gate and King Edward VII both in Kings Lynn.

Favourite ice-cream flavour: Raspberry Ripple! I could eat tubs of that stuff.

Favourite animal: A dog.

Favourite food: I don?t really have a favourite in that, I will eat almost anything!

What would you wear to a fancy dress party? I?d have to go as a vampire!

Favourite song? Gangster?s Paradise by Coolio.

Favourite fighting expression? When the referee yells ?Let?s get it on?, I know its time to work then.

When did you start boxing? I started boxing when I was around 8 years old, my dad was a great boxer so I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Over the years I did a bit of boxing, but around 9 years ago I watched my first cage fight and that was it – I wanted to do that!! It took me a while to get into it properly but now been training non-stop for 5 years and love it!

What is your worst fighting accident? My worst accident has to be the most recent one, back in October I suffered a massive injury and it put me out for 3 months, missing out on 2 big fights and a European competition that was being held in Portugal.

Where do you think is the best place to fight in the world? Definitely in America, when you get over there you know you have made it! That?s the place I dream of getting to anyway.

Where and when was your favourite fighting moment? November 2009 when I fought in my home town for the first time. It was only a small venue and the atmosphere was electric. I battered the guy and knocked him out in 1 minute 58 sec. I took a few kicks to the groin in that one but my left hook definitely made up for it.

How can people get into fighting in Jersey? If people are interested in trying their hand at a bit of MMA or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, they can find us at Gracie Barra Channel Islands, Room G at Fort Regent. The coaches are Rob Staples, Andrew Toporis and Stuart Macintyre – the best coaches I?ve ever trained with, they have won numerous titles between them, one being the world sport Jiu Jitsu champion, on a couple of occasions, so these lads know exactly what they?re talking about!

What competitions have you done most recently? The London Seni,  a big competition back in June last year where I took a gold in my division. My next event is on the 7th of May so I?ve been flat out with training. That?s going really well. Because I missed out on some fights because of my injury, this next fight I?ve got some catching up to do, so the poor bloke is not going to know what hit him…