Active / WellnessSportsperson of the month... Beth Garton

Sportsperson of the month… Beth Garton

Age: 14

Sport: Squash

What do you do: I enjoy playing squash and I am currently ranked 39 in the girls U15s England squash rankings.

School attending: JCG

Favourite ice cream flavour: Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food

Favourite animal: Penguin

(don’t know why!)

Favourite food: It would have to be my mother’s Spaghetti Carbonara

What would you wear to a fancy dress party: I’m rubbish at fancy dress.

Favourite squash expression: A boast, when you hit ball against the side wall before it hits the front wall. Or a trickle boast, which is when you hit a boast in such a way that it sends your opponent in the wrong direction.

Favourite thing about Jersey: There’s a great squash club just ten minutes from my home.

Favourite song: Harlem by New Politics

When did you start playing squash: September 2011

Where has been your favourite place in the world to play squash or where would you dream place be: My favourite place so far is the all glass court at the National Squash Centre, Manchester. I would love to one-day play on the all glass exhibition court in Grand Central Station, New York City – the coolest court in the world! The all glass courts make squash amazing and inspiring to watch.

You’re part of the team heading off to compete in the European Team Championships this month, how have you been preparing and what does this mean to you: I was thrilled to be picked for the team, it is so much more fun when you are part of a team. In January this year I went up to Solihull to play for the UK southwest team in the junior regional team championships, my first team event and I can’t wait to do more.

Where and when was the favourite moment in regards to squash, so far: My favourite moment so far was having a lesson in Jersey with Laura Massaro, the current women’s world open champion, that’s who’s in the picture with me.

You’re an athlete that participates in the One Foundation High Performance athlete programme, what does this involve: It includes athletes from a variety of different sports having strength and conditioning training, we have supervised gym sessions twice a week with some great trainers. This has massively helped me with my sport and it’s good being with people from other sports.

What’s coming up on the squash calendar that we should be looking out for: The Jersey squash classic, serious professional squash and later in the year there is the Jersey Squash Festival, really great fun with over 40 visiting teams coming to the island.

You’re obviously still at school, does squash feature in your future plans: In the future I would like to use squash as a way of traveling the world.

Do you have a tip for aspiring sportspeople: Love what you do, work hard and remember when it’s not going well don’t get mad, get better.

How can people get involved in squash in Jersey: Contact Nick Taylor, Director and Head Coach at the JS&RA at T: 07829 747034. He’s the reason I enjoy squash as much as I do and is an inspirational development coach.

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