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14 year old Kitty Brewer and 17 year old Charlie Rio are not only both Jersey surfers but they have also both recently been successfully selected as Team Riders for the GB Surfing squad.

They will now both train until September with the UK squad. This means they’ll be entered into UK competitions and attend training camps over the next few month. Their ultimate goal will to be selected for the GB team which will  go on to compete in The Worlds in California, which take place in October.

Kitty Brewer:

Favourite possession

 My  surfboard, of course!

Favourite place in the world

I love St Ouens bay but I also love Southern California where my godmother lives.

Favourite colour


Favourite animal

My dog Mabel.

Favourite smell

Summer mornings!

Favourite way to spend a weekend

Waking up early for a surf with my brothers then home for pancakes. Hanging out with friends at the beach followed by a barbecue and an evening surf at secrets.

I love paddle boarding around Secrets reef at low tide and skate boarding with friends. I love being outdoors, especially when the suns out, so anything involving that would be a great way to spend a weekend!

Favourite Jersey Beach


Favourite Food

Dried mango.

Favourite Ice cream flavour


Favourite restaurant

El Tico

Favourite Pastime

Surfing with family and friends but I also love snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding and playing netball.

Favourite film

Cheaper by the dozen.

Favourite book

One dollar horse.

Favourite song

That’s a hard one, I like all of Jack Johnson’s stuff, Ben Howard and I’m actually kind of into Robbie Williams at the moment. Although, Taylor Swift is always going to be a good option for me!

Favourite Person

My family.

Favourite celebrity

John John Florence.

Favourite memory

I have lots but surfing perfect lowers with only a handful of people out last Easter. Going to the Euros with the CI surf team and family holidays in Hossegor are definitely a few of the best ones!

Charlie Rio:

Favourite possession
My motorbike.

Favourite place in the world
St Ouens bay (preferably summer).

Favourite colour

Favourite animal

Favourite smell
Surf wax.

Favourite way to spend a weekend
Surfing all weekend.

Favourite Jersey beach
Greve de Lecq.

Favourite food
Pasta and hotdog bits.

Favourite ice cream flavour

Favourite restaurant
La Napolis (Hossegor).

Favourite pastime
Watching movies.

Favourite film
Endless Summer 2.

Favourite book
Harry Potter.

Favourite song
Hard to concentrate – Red Hot chilli peppers

Favourite person
My mum.

Favourite celebrity
Will Smith.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory has to be when I went to the Açores for the European Juniors. Such a nice place and great waves, especially the last few days we were there.

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