Lucy O’sullivan: Archery

What do you do: I am trying to be a full time athlete – check out my webpage

Unfortunately it doesn’t really pay the bills so I work in Jersey. I am a Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach at the Jersey Sport Foundation, helping athletes from all sports in the high performance gym in Jersey. I am also an S&C coach at the Jersey Rugby Club.

From February, I am really excited to announce, that I will be a Personal Trainer at Radical Fitness or “Rad Fitness” at the Radisson Blu Jersey. Come by and get one on one training or group training with me there – check out

School attended: FCJ Primary and Beaulieu, I then studied Coaching and Sport Science at Nottingham Trent University.

Favourite ice cream flavour: Ohh that’s a hard one! I’m not really supposed to eat ice cream anymore, the whole being an athlete thing is hard, but it’s got to be chocolate really, hasn’t it!

Favourite animal: Probably dogs, I really want a dog but with all the traveling around the world I do for team GB it wouldn’t be fair to leave the dog behind!

Favourite food: Spaghetti Bolognese, but I am really liking quinoa at the moment…

What would you wear to a fancy dress party: Well my university days had me dressing up every Wednesday for the sports socials. I have been the 118 guys, a smurf, a superhero, an army girl, and many, many more.
Favourite archery expression: Umm… I don’t know if I really have any unusual ones, but when you hit the very middle of the target, from a distance of 70 – 30 meters away there is a tiny cross on the target face. You call that “hitting the spider”.

When did you start competing: I started archery at 10 and by 13 I was on team GB. I think my first ever international trip was at 14 years old, and it has taken me all over the world!

Where has been your favourite place in the world to compete: Korea was pretty cool, and Turkey has always got great weather but I think Mexico in 2013 was great as we were right by Chichen Itza.

Where and when was the favourite moment in your career, so far: I think my favourite moment was winning the Commonwealth Games Test Event in Delhi in 2010, they played the Jersey national anthem. I had just beaten an Indian girl on home soil so that was pretty cool. That or being 3rd in the World was another moment.

What’s your favourite distance or discipline? Compound archery is trying to get in the Olympics so we have to shoot at 50 meters most of the time. But my favorite round is the old fashioned FITA 1440 rounds where you shoot 3 dozen arrows at each of the following distances; 70, 60, 50, 30 meters. It’s an all day event but really fun.

Like many full time athletes we know that training is your priority, but what else do you do when you aren’t training? My training is now shooting during the day, going to the gym or running when I can fit it in. If I’m not training I’m most likely working. During the summer I am hardly in Jersey, due to the volume of international or national events I compete at. So when I’m home for the winter, my down time is chilling with my friends at the cinema or in town on a Saturday night, the same as most 24 year olds I guess.

Do you have a top tip for aspiring sportspeople? I’m not going to lie, you have to work really hard! Jersey is a bit difficult, as you need to get away to the UK etc. to just compete / practice against people of the right level. I’ve spent most of my life on the Condor or in planes. But it is sooooo worth it, to even do what you love and are good at, just get out there and do it! Top tip is when you travel be prepared and enjoy every minute!

How can people get involved in archery in Jersey: The Archery Association of Jersey has two clubs in the island. I am part of the Archers of Jersey that was set up years ago and re-booted by my Dad, it is sort of his legacy. Therefore you can find me on the AOJ range at Radier Manor Twin Oaks field, Grouville, in the summer, and in the Fort tunnels / Le Rocquier School in the winter.