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Wakeboarding is definitely the main sport of this summer. It?s what everyone seems to be talking about! So I was thrilled to get the opportunity to go and try it out for myself.

I arrived at Jersey Sea Sport Centre down at La Haule Slip and was fitted with a wetsuit then talked through the safety rules. The lesson began with my instructor Aaron and I jetting off across the bay to find a nice quiet spot for me to learn in.
Aaron ran through all the basics and theory of ?how to? wakeboard. Then it was simply a case of popping my feet into the wakeboard boots (just like a snowboard) and leaping intrepidly into the water.

I started off on their bar which comes out of the side of the boat, then once I had mastered that I was thrown a rope and it was time for the real deal! Much to the surprise of my instructor (and myself!) i managed to get up first time! It was fantastic to be flying across the bay doing (very little) jumps over the wake and tearing around corners at terrific speed!

This is a sport with lots of adrenaline, and I found it very physically demanding. Wakeboarding is a great way to get fit and it is definitely great fun. I?m all booked in for my next lesson, which I presume will be focusing on 360?s and a few flips.

Contact 07797738180 for more information or to book a lesson
Wakeboarding at the Jersey Sea Sport Centre
£20 per lesson –

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