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Sport Guinea Pig – Water Skiing

Sport Guinea Pig
Ladies Water Skiing Lessons
Jersey Sea Sport Centre
20mins £20
Book a course of 6 and pay for 5!

I had always wanted to give water skiing a proper go, but just never seemed to get round to it. Whenever we had been out before, water skiing on holiday, the kids had always gone first, then proceeded to get cold and grumpy in the back of the boat, resulting in us returning to shore before I ever had a chance to get my skis on! I have very happy childhood memories of trying to water ski off the Cornish coast and so when I was given the opportunity to give it a go again for Gallery I jumped at the chance.

I dropped my children off at school and headed down to Le Haule Slip where I met my instructor Aaron and was given a wetsuit. Aaron and I headed out across St Aubin?s Bay in a speed boat; he then explained all the theory to me and it was then just a case of getting in and having a go! I started off using the boom and to my delight, and my instructor?s surprise, I managed to get up first time! So he then moved me on to using a short rope, which I could also manage. It was then time for the real thing.

Aaron handed me down a handle and left me bobbing in the sea, whilst he drove the boat so my rope was stretched out to its full capacity. He then shouted ?READY?? and I had to reply ?HIT IT?, because if you say ?GO? it can sound like ?NO!?. I was trying to follow the instructions he had given me religiously, and it paid off, I was up! It was fantastic to be flying along the water on such a nice day.

I can?t wait to show off my new found skill to my children, and I was really pleased the next day when I felt my arms ache a little; water skiing is fantastic to tone the arms!

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