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Ever a fan of good, clean fun, Arnie took a ride down to Les Mielles this month to try and master their Segway Rally. Can somebody so top-heavy overcome the Segway?s ability to stay balanced? Read on to find out more…

You know, if I can give you one bit of advice, it?s to always be wary of robots. But that said, these Segways aren?t really even robots. But if they WERE robots, I think they?d be quite friendly. So don?t worry.

If you?ve not heard of Segways by now then you?ve probably been living in Saddam?s old holiday home, but just in case you have been hiding from humanity here?s a quick run down as to what they?re all about: Put simply, it?s a electronically powered two-wheeled vehicle that uses some kind of clever computer technology connected to a gyroscope that keeps it upright at all times by regulating the speed and direction of the motors attached to each wheel over 100 times each second. So what does this all mean? Well, if you lean forward it propells you forward, if you lean backward it slows you to a halt and then makes you travel backward and if you lean the steering left or right… you guessed it, you turn in that direction. ?So what Arnie??, you?ll probably think – and here?s the really clever bit, the clever bits inside never let you lean too far and so you can?t fall over. Genius!

I must confess, at first I felt a bit unsteady. The instructor made it all seem so easy and it?s completely different to anything I?ve travelled on before so the first two laps were spent learning how to ride. Soon enough though, you become more accustomed to the way it moves and the fun really begins when you?re going as quick as you can. You soon forget that you?re effortlessly balancing on 2 wheels!

At first the course seemed quite small but it really is perfect – tight and twisty in places but with some good straights to try and overtake on but I found that the best place to pass is on the wide corners – far away from other riders and the tyre walls to eliminate any chances of crashing these expensive machines or getting yourself hurt.

Of course, safety helmets are mandatory and full body protection is supplied for children. Little Timmy has to be at least 8 years old to take part and it definitely seems like a great excuse for parents to show their kids who?s boss whilst having plenty of fun!

The Segway Rally takes place at Les Mielles Activity Centre & Golf Course just down from The Watersplash and off the Five Mile Road. It costs £6.50 per session for adults or £5.50 for children aged 8-12 but can be combined with other activities for a small price increase. Childrens parties can also be catered for – to find out more call 485984.

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