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Ryan Hervé : Surf Board Maker

How did it all start?
I made my first surfboard when I was 15 and then when I was 19 I set up my own surf board company Nutz.

What have you been up to?
I have been living out in Australia working for Simon Anderson and Darren Handley learning all about designing and creating surfboards. Currently two surfing World Champions, Mick Fanning and Steph Gilmore, are riding Darren?s board?s (DHD) so I was really lucky to be being trained by arguably the best board makers in the world.

What is next?
When I was down in Hossegor (France) in 2000 I met Robbie Page, who was a top Pro Surfer in the 80?s. I?ve always kept in touch with him and made boards for him, actually this year he won the Worlds Masters Championships, which is amazing. Robbie has a company called Cream Surfwax and Surfboards and he has asked me to come work for him. The company recently won an Environmentally Friendly Business competition and as a consequence are now backed by VW. They have an amazing new, environmentally friendly and flexible material that they make the boards out of. They also get to use the VW Shaping Machines, which are accurate to 100th of a mm! They?ve created a surfboard which wont soak up any water if it gets a ding and as, its more flexible, it feels like it has suspension which absorbs aall the chops and ripples on a wave. They feel alive under your feet! They are so much faster and last longer than old styles of boards. They are called Hydroflex Technology Boards, and if I get someone?s height, weight, shoe size, surfing ability and find out what they want to get out of surfing then we put it into the computer and it?ll work out the perfect board for them. Everyone who has had one so far has not wanted to go back to a normal surfboard.

for more information e-mail or pop into Freedom to see the new boards.

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