Nick Trower

School attended:
Victoria College
Favourite ice cream flavour:
Favourite Animal:
Favourite food:  
Favourite rugby expression:
Subdue and Penetrate   
What would you wear to a fancy dress party?
Depending on theme, probably a dress
Hypothetically, how would you not like to die?
Drowning in Michael Barrymore’s pool
Favourite song?
Everlong by Foo Fighters
 What com petition have you entered recently?
Movember – I did fairly well, but I should have grown more interesting facial hair. I just went for the traditional tache.
When did you start rugby?
About 7 years old at the mini rugby at the Rugby Club. I think my dad had me running around with a rugby ball well before that though.
What is your worst rugby accident?
I fractured my ribs playing for Jersey in a pre-season match in August.
Where do you think is the best place to play rugby in the world?
Australia for the weather or Biarritz in SW France as it has good weather, beaches and surf.   
Where and when was your favourite rugby moment?
There’s two really. Winning the National 3 Championship at Twickenham and winning a 7’s tournament in Coutances with the Men of Leisure. We had been beaten in the final the year before but 2010 was our year.   
What do you think was the best game of rugby ever?
1972 Barbarians vs New Zealand. This showcased what is great about rugby with some amazing play. It also showed some of the best hairdos and facial hair to ever grace the rugby pitch.
How can people get into rugby in Jersey?
Youngsters can go to Jersey Rugby Club on a Sunday morning. Any person over 17 can train and play with any of the Junior rugby teams in the Island like Banks, Beaches, Les Quennevais or Jersey 2’s (I played for Banks Rugby club before playing for Jersey).

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