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Meet the Yogi

We caught up with Jessica Myhill who runs a weekly fitness yoga class to find out more about the world of yoga.

What do you love about yoga? During my own practise I love trying new poses and taking a moment to tune in to how I’m feeling that day. The concentration on breathing in yoga helps me to push myself further physically, a skill that helps with many aspects of everyday life! I love being able to share this experience with other people when I teach, giving my students undivided attention and really listening to what they need to progress individually.

What’s the best thing about fitness yoga? Fitness yoga starts the class with high intensity yoga exercises, warming up the body properly, to prevent injury and support with flexibility and core strength.

Why should people try it out? Students have said they love the feeling after the guided breath work at the end which helps with concentration and self-confidence. They always leave class feeling relaxed, more centred and safe in the knowledge they’ve had a good workout!

Who goes to your classes? I have a whole range of age groups and abilities, whether you’re looking to improve strength, relax your mind or just touch your toes. Almost every move has a variation, so you can feel comfortable in your own body and make sure you get the best work-out that’s tailored to you!

Class info:

12.10 – 12.55 (45 mins) | £8 if paid in bulk. Saving you £14. Or it is £10 for a drop in | Every Thursday 12th April – 24th May at Nikki’s Studio located on Snowhill. 

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