Meet the Expert: Helen Papworth

Helen Papworth
Business Owner of The Aurora Lifestyle 

What do you do?

I help people to change their mindset about becoming a healthier version of themselves through the physical, mental and emotional activities of Pilates, Sports and Indian Head Massage, Personal Training and Sports Specific Equipilates (fitness for horse riders).

How did you get to this?

I always knew as a child that this was the industry I wanted to work in. The thought of being able to help improve people’s health, fitness and movement really drove me to where I am now. With this in mind I’ve studied for over 15 years, learning all about the human body and how it functions. My passion for horses and show jumping also made me want to bring something unique to Jersey, this is where I discovered Equipilates.

What is Equipilates?

Equipilates is movement and alignment therapy for horse riders developed by Lindsay Wilcox-Reid. It’s multi-faceted approach improves postural alignment, partnership and performance.  It helps riders to ‘fine tune’ their body into a more efficient, more effective, more flexible, more balanced, more elegant, functionally stronger and yet also more relaxed version of themselves.

What the best bit about my job?

Knowing that I have made a difference to a person’s life. It makes me feel proud and happy to know that I helped them on their journey to becoming a healthier version of themselves.

Who do you think would benefit from this?

I would say it benefits everyone as we all live different lifestyles. We still put stress on ourselves every day whether it is just doing the gardening, being a mum, sat at a desk all day, physical labour work or even sporty/athletic people. We all need to give our bodies TLC and make sure we function and move correctly to prevent future injuries and remain healthy. 

What is your top tip for De-stressing?

Ensure that you put some time aside for yourself to do some mindfulness, switch your mind off even if it’s for just 10 minutes a day. Make sure you live a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, eat regularly with healthy foods and organise your day (no rushing around like a lunatic as we sometimes all do – you just need to break that bad habit). 

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