Active / WellnessSportsperson of the Month: Kayla Crowther

Sportsperson of the Month: Kayla Crowther

Kayla Crowther is a Muay Thai fighter, she is also just 15 years old and the current British champion for her age and weight, she is currently in training for a fight to add a English title belt to this next month.  Training out of Pisces Thai Boxing Gym in St Brelade she is a seriously inspiring young fighter, showing real dedication to her sport. As a junior she was known as one of “The mini beasts” making her a fitting micro sportsperson.

Can you explain a little bit more about Muay Thai: Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is the toughest ring sport. It’s known as “the science of eight limbs” as you use punches kicks knees and elbows.

School attending: Hautlieu

Favourite ice-cream flavour: Cookie dough, every time!

Favourite animal: Lion.

Favourite food: Pizza

What would you wear to a fancy dress party: I’m not sure, maybe a cat.

Favourite Muay Thai expression: “Teep to the face”.

Favourite song: 505 by the Arctic Monkeys.

When did you start Muay Thai and what made you try it: I first started aged 10. My dad was friends with Natalie Sellers (one of our coaches, along with her husband Andy) and I was hooked and have been training ever since. I love the friendly atmosphere in the gym and it’s brilliant way to stay fit.

How often do you train: Normally three times a week but if have a fight coming up that goes up to seven to eight times a week, which is what I’m doing now. Training sessions last between an hour and hour and half in the gym, mixing it up with technique, fitness, and sparring.  

Is it unusual for someone of your age, and gender, to be competing: No, Muay Thai is for all ages boys and girls. Kids from five and over can come and train at Pisces Gym. It’s a fast growing sport with a big junior scene in the UK.

Where has been your favourite place in the world to compete so far: I’ve competed at various competitions in England, but you can’t beat walking out in front of a Jersey crowd.
Where and when was your favourite moment in your fighting career so far: Probably when I fought a top fighter called Chantel Tipett. Although I lost a close split decision, it was only my second ever fight and she’d had 30 plus fights and had won many titles. So I was really proud of how I did.

How can people get involved in Muay Thai in Jersey: There are many clubs now running locally but my clubs the best, I think. You can contact Pisces Thai Boxing on Facebook or pop in anytime to the gym ( it’s up at the elephant park St Brelade.) sessions are on for juniors on Fridays or everyday for adults.

What competitions have you competed in: I have been on a number of fight nights and competed at The British Championships twice winning my age / weight last year.

What should we be looking out for on the Muay Thai calendar: Big local events this year will include “Femme Fatales 3”, an evening of all female Thai Boxing.
What does the future hold for you: Last month I competed in “The Rumble on The Rock” which was my first time stepping into a cage fight and in June I am fighting for an English title belt, which is amazing.

Do you have a top tip for other young aspiring sports people particularly those looking to follow in your footsteps: Just work hard and enjoy it… Oh and always keep your guard up!

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