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James’ 10 top winter tips

James Hewitt started JH Fitness which is a unique personal fitness service offering flexibility to your fitness training.

James told us “it came about after speaking to friends who wanted to get fit but didn’t really enjoy the gym environment, and would rather do their training outside or in their own homes. It offers a completely mobile service, utilising the amazing facilities and open spaces that Jersey has to offer, with a broad range of fitness techniques and portable equipment”

James is keen to train a large variety of clients from sports teams and serious athletes to fun runners and those simply wanting to get fit but need motivation. They also have experience of injury rehabilitation and can tailor a suitable programme to get you back to full fitness. With over 15 years experience of fitness training you’ll know you are in safe hands.

* Wear suitable clothing. Fabrics that keep moisture away from your skin will prevent you becoming wet and chilled. Walkers and joggers should wear bright fluorescent clothing and even take bike lights or a head torch with you.

* Wear a hat. When going out in the cold, it is advisable to wear a hat. About one-third of your body’s heat loss occurs through the head.

* Dress in layers. Wear plenty of light layers so you can gradually peel them off as you become warm. You should be a little cool starting out. Avoid sweating, as you may become chilled.

*Go to sleep and wake up at about the same time every day, and don’t eat heavy food or drink alcohol within a few hours of bedtime. Maintaining a consistent sleep/wake cycle and avoiding lots of food or alcohol before bed are key to preventing insomnia. It will also keep you refreshed and much better able to fight winter colds.

* Sweat before you stretch. A good warm-up is critical in all four seasons – it is never a good idea to stretch cold muscles, but even more so in winter, so make sure you have a light warm up jog before doing any stretching as cold temperatures tighten your muscles which can cause injuries.

* Exercise caution. Beware of slippery surfaces when running, and exercise in daylight wherever possible. Anticipate that drivers may not be able to see you or stop quickly.

* Keep your fluid levels up. Drinking water regularly is just as important during winter as it is in summer. Cold weather stimulates urine production, and every breath you can see is water droplets being exhaled from your body.

*Train with a friend or partner. Finding a training partner with similar goals to you can add enjoyment to your exercise routine, and serve as an additional source of motivation. Having someone else depending on you can make the difference between a pre-breakfast workout and a morning on the couch.

* Communicate any concerns with your doctor. Some medical conditions make winter exercise dangerous. Exercising in cold weather can bring on angina (heart-related chest pain), and may trigger asthma in asthmatics. Check first with your doctor if you have any concerns, especially if you are older or have been sedentary for more than two months.

*Just do it. Don’t ponder your workout; just get started. The more you think about it, the more likely you will talk yourself out of it. Once you’re in motion, you’ll find it easier to continue. While it is admirable to think, talk and read about exercise, there is no substitute for actually doing. Once completed the “feel good” hormones will kick in and give you a boost for the rest of the day.

For more information contact
James on 07797 796085 or at

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