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Fancy Something New?

Getting fit is a battle, but it can be made that bit easier if you’re getting fit doing something you love, so why not try out one of these exercise classes and see if you discover a new passion!

Shred (seen above)

Shred is exclusive to Fitness First, combining compound lifting with a HIIT based class to drive calorie burn, performance, strength and conditioning. 

To start you’ll receive a warm up routine with coaching on each of the lifts included in the class. You’ll then work your way through 5 different compound lifts twice, with a performance based HIIT recovery in-between. Performing a 1 minute lift, followed by a 30 second HIIT, and followed by a repetition of the lift for 1 minute.

There will be 5 blocks with 5 different compound lifts and 5 different HIIT exercises, before a challenging ‘finisher’ activity, ending with bar stretches to assist you in releasing those large muscle groups worked in the class. 

Call them to find out more on 752400

Kinesis One 

Named after the Ancient Greek word for movement, Kinesis One offers a unique 3 dimensional movement experience allowing you to improve functional skills with a host of free flowing exercises.

The cables 360-degree range allows users to perform exercises through all planes of movement, making it an extremely versatile workout that can be customised to all levels. It offers an almost limitless range of exercise routines, focusing on balance, strength and flexibility.

It’s a class for around nine people which Healthhaus (up at Hotel de France) currently run at 06:40 on a Monday morning for 35 minutes. It’s only available to platinum members who can book via the Healthhaus booking app or at reception. So this one is ideal if you’re looking for a more exclusive and private gym-going experience. 

Call Healthhaus on 614800 for more information. 

Glute Gains

This class focuses on controlled movements and time under tension to lift & shape your glutes. Build lower body lean muscle and add functional strength with this resistance band led workout.

You’ll complete a mixture of resistance band and body weight exercises throughout the class focusing on activating and engaging your lower body muscle groups and core. Work periods will be 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds rest and you’ll be targeted to achieve 6 – 10 repetitions of each exercise for maximum benefit. Your instructor will guide you through this group workout, working on technique and instruction to give you new exercises for each muscle group targeted in the class.

Call Fitness First on 752400 to find out more. 

Muay Thai

Beginner / Intermediate Muay Thai classes with Blood Fitness are held every week Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm to 7pm. The classes are fun and aimed to be suitable for all levels from complete beginner, there is a focus on fitness and technique. All equipment is provided and the first class is free so head up and have a go!

You can find Blood Fitness up at Fort Regent, on the balcony, overlooking Queens Hall. Visit for more info. 


Your own Yogi

The lovely Agnes from Bodysync will come to your home for a private Hatha Yoga class.

Hatha yoga uses postures, breathing techniques and relaxation to help you stretch, unwind and release mental and physical tension. Taking Hatha yoga lessons on a regular basis can help overcome stress, strengthen and rebalance your body, mind and spirit. 

A one hour home session is £60. For more information visit

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