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Ben Girdwood – Trials Biker

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What is it?
?Trials Biking? is a bike discipline which at its very basic form involves the rider to overcome obstacles just using the bike and their body. Timing of the brakes, timing of short powerful rotation of the pedals and body co-ordination are key factors in Trials Biking.

Who are you?
I?m 16 at the moment currently studying Sociology, Sports Science and Biology at De La Salle. I began riding mountain bikes when I was about 12. But for my 13th birthday I bought my first Trials Bike with all my birthday money – a bike specially designed to be stronger than your average mountain bike.

Recently I was placed 1st in the ?Expert red route? of the Hampshire Trial, and I also placed 2nd in North Yorkshire and 5th in a British National competition.

What?s in your future?
This year I aim to enter a lot more competitions and gain a higher status in the UK competition scene as well as becoming more recognised in terms of ?street? (man made) riding though the use of videos on websites such as YouTube.   My first 2008 video is out on YouTube called ?Gu Le – Jan 08 Days? (search Ben Girdwood, and then select that title) for anyone wanting to see what great entertainment and fun Trials Biking is!

At present I am not sponsored, so anyone out there interested in me advertising their company or product please get in touch – .

Get Involved
My tips for anyone wanting to give Trials a go would be to have a mountain bike with a medium to low frame height, put your seat to its lowest point and use a low gear for good acceleration. If anyone wants any advice on converting their mountain bike into a Trails Bike; I work at Lawrence De Gruchy Bike shop on Saturdays so call in and ask for Ben and I?d be happy to help!

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