In 2015, The Jersey Development Company (JDC) commissioned documentary photographer Stacey Yates to explore, record and archive the former 19th Century Ladies College building at Rouge Bouillon.

The work produced, which has been made into a wonderful photography book and series of prints, considers the social importance of the building, not just architecturally, but also as a space rich in layered narratives and personal memory – a place created out of a strong desire to educate, inspire and support a culture of strong, confident women in an era of gender inequality.

The photographs serve as an evocative and personal reminder to many who passed through its spaces noting the success and subsequent outgrowth of this educational institution and celebrate a new residential chapter for this site – College Gardens.

Within the book – accompanying a selection of the photographs – are interviews conducted by writer Hannah Patterson (former JCG student) with photographer Stacey Yates and with associate at Axis Mason architects, Siobhann Macleod (also a former JCG student).

The book and prints will be for sale during an Exhibition curently running until July 19th at CCaSM Modern & Contemporary Art Gallery, Sommerville House, Philips Street, St Helier.