Phev-er Pitch

For anyone cool enough to spend their free time reading car reviews, you will know that almost every car that has ever been driven…

Past, present, future

Geneva’s annual Salon International de l’Auto is considered one of the most important motor shows globally and the perfect place to showcase the latest…

Motoring: Juke

They say that looks can be deceptive. Take the rear door handles on this Nissan Juke, for example, nestled cheekily into the c-pillar to…

Sport News – December

James Walker took on Japan’s famous Fuji Speedway for the sixth round of the World Endurance Championship (WEC) earlier this month. This was James’ first visit to Japan and it certainly proved memorable with the race abandoned due to monsoon weather conditions.

London to Italy in 5 Days – A journey like no other…

Falcon drives ltd, recently launched on the isle of man, will seamlessly organise and escort you throughout your luxury european driving experience. You, your treasured vehicle and friends will enjoy and soak up europe’s very best hotels, gastronomy, driving roads and special scenery.

Ice Age

  ICE AGE AN EVOLUTION AND APPRECIATION OF THE  HUMBLE MOBILE ICE CREAM VENDING VEHICLE     With dietary and health based absurdity threatening…

I want a pony

Right, you?ve suddenly got yourself a shed load of cash (lets not ask how) and you want to blow it on a depreciating asset. What better than a brand new car, a best of the best one at that. Sports Car vs Luxury Car?

business class

I must confess, until today I was under the impression that Saabs were for, how should I put this, the ?older generations? and that driving one would most likely be uninspiring; mediocre. You know the Swedes, they focus on safety and efficiency. Where?s fun in that?