2014 Barclays Boat Show Sets Sail Again!

Organised by Jersey Marinas on behalf of Ports of Jersey, the show regularly attracts in excess of 30,000+ visitors over the three days and provides both residents and visitors alike with the opportunity to dip their toes into all things nautical and discover up close the wealth of maritime related activities and services available in the Island.


Catch illness before it catches you

It is now recognised by many physicians that inflammation is a precursor to many diseases. Early detection of inflammation may help you prevent many negative health conditions from developing, including cancer.


Sinking the Opposition

For some, it’s a bit of fun. For others, the world’s most famous dog show is an all-consuming passion. Every year, more than 21,000 dogs are put through their canine paces. For local man Richard Long and his wife Rachel, one of these competitors was Hunter, who so I’m told, did exceptionally well.

On the Sofa: HealthHaus

An exclusive boutique style private members club for the discerning health-conscious individuals, healthhaus offers a time efficient, results guaranteed fitness offering in a home from home environment; leaving time for you to indulge in a 360 degree approach to wellness.


Tools of the Trade

So, tell us a little about Paint Medic…
Paint Medic is a hub of up-to-the-minute technology and SMART repair techniques – from colour coding to scratches and scuffs, to paint chips and alloy wheel repairs, we’re a convenient, mobile, speedy and environmentally safe solution to cosmetic vehicle overhaul.


Do something awesome for Autism

Imagine if you found it difficult to recognize your own family. Imagine if your brain magnified every noise, smell and sensation. Imagine it is too painful to look someone in the eye. Imagine that you have no instinctual knowledge of what a smile means, what a tear means, what body language expresses. Imagine analyzing every sentence, every word, consciously, just to understand whether someone is an enemy or a friend. This can be every day life for someone with autism; coping with life is not easy.


Becoming a Global Citizen

Have you ever wanted to travel, learn, experience new cultures, develop skills along the way all the while making a difference to people’s lives? Sounds a little too good to be true, but the ICS Programme is the doorway to all of these promises and it’s waiting for you to turn the handle and get involved.


RBS International

Community banking sits at the heart of how we are changing the business we do and the way we conduct business. Aside from our financial services, an important element of community banking is our direct commitment to be a model for how a bank can contribute to society. With a broad sponsorship programme focused on the arts, education, enterprise management, conservation/environment and sport, we engage in a range of activities that we hope will make a real difference to the communities in which we operate.